Adar classes

Category Title Description
Parshas Shekalim.Parshas Shekalim. The first of the four Parshios (sections) tread during (or near) Adar. It reminds us (as it did in the times of the Beis hamikdash) to give half shekels for the karbanos of the new year.
Adar.ADAR. This month is associated with joy and miracles. The tamud says that this is a very good time ("mazal") for Yidden.
7 Adar.7 ADAR. The Yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu. In the Chabad tradition this was a day commemorated by the Rebbe alone, only after becoming the Rebbe.
9 Adar.9 ADAR 2. The day the previous rebbe (RAYATZ) arrived in New York in 1940.
Why Do We Fast On Taanis Esther?Everything you always wanted to know about Taanis Esther. Do we fast because Esther fasted? Not so fast! The answer is a little bit more complicated. This class provides inspiration for the fast and Purim as well.
Parshas ZachorParshas Zachor. This is the second of "The four parshiyos (sections)" read this month. It deals with erasing Amalek and is always read the shabbos before Purim.
Purim Katan.Purim Katan. When there is an extra ADAR, the first ADAR has a "miniature Purim".
Taanis EstherTaanis (the fast of) Esther.
PurimPurim. The holiday that celebrates the Jews miraculous survival of Haman's evil plot.
Parshas ParaParshas Para. The third of "the four Parshiyos". It reminds us of the red heifer. This is read the Shabbos before Shabbos HaChodesh.
Parshas HachodeshParshas Hachodesh. This is the last of "the four Parshiyos" . It reminds us of the Korbon Pesach (Paschal offering). It is read the last Shabbos in ADAR or on Rosh Chodesh NISSAN.
25 Adar.25 ADAR. The Rebbetzin (Chaya Mushka)'s birthday.
27 Adar27 Adar