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The month of Elul in the Jewish calendar is a merciful time. "The King (G-d) is in the field" and more accessible to us on a personal level than any other time of year. A time for self-examination, criticism and correction. Rosh Hashana is a day of judgement. Each one of us is judged and the new year is determined based on our past actions. It is also a day to crown G-d as our King by submitting to be His subjects. This section includes a wide range of classes related to Elul and Rosh Hashana. There is material here that is suitable for people with little previous exposure to Chassidic philosophy as well as for more advanced listeners.
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1 The New Year - 5768 - As An Acronym Administrator
2 Tzom Gedalia Analysis Administrator
3 Introduction to Elul - Mini Shiur #1 Administrator
4 5 Different Views of Elul - Mini Shiur #2 Administrator
5 Love Versus Fear - Mini Shiur #3 Administrator
6 Selichos Preparation - 2006 Administrator
7 L'David Hashem Ori - Special Tehilla for Elul Administrator