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Thursday, 02 September 2010 12:48
The Rebbe Maharash.
The forth Lubavitcher Rebbe (Reb Shmuel). Born 2 Iyar 5594, Passed 13 Tishrei 5643.
Note: There is considerable repetition in these classes (stories) but each is different and is therefore included.
 Biography. (5773/2013).
Based on the introduction to the HaYom Yom.
Some stories (5767).
Stories of his life (5768).
Part One.
His early years.
 As a Rebbe.
Part one.
 Part Two. 
Another Biography. (5767).
Based on a summary of the Rebbe MaHaRaSh's life published in the introduction to the "VeHecherim" (The first volume of his chassidus published by the Rabbeiim).
Part One.
Part Two.
Decisions (5775/ 2015).
The decision to remain in Russia.
The Rebbe MaHaRaSh was a Rebbe over very few Chassidim for a short time, but he made decisions who were incredibly far reaching, it reaches until us and beyond. 
His Tzava'a (Will). (5768).